Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day 9: Journal 23/4/2014 WEIGH-IN DAY

Previous weight: 25st 10lb
Current weight:  25st 8lb -2
Total loss: 22lbs

So that makes a loss of 1 stone and 8lbs since February, and 5lbs in the last week.

I'm honestly chuffed to monkeys, especially after the panic I had this weekend. 

I've always wondered how a number on a scale can affect someone's mood so entirely. It's very odd indeed. Like today I'm 3 steps from shouting look at me, look at what I've done, but I won't mainly as I think that would be frowned upon in the office (aka The Giggle Factory). 

The 2-stone mark is getting closer. What should I do to commemorate it?  New clothes seem a bit pointless when I have a wardrobe full of them... a charm bracelet is tempting. What do you think? 

These milestones are the only time I really miss being part of a slimming group, there was something about a book being filled with sticker and a certificate that gave you that feeling of accomplishment. 


  1. well done!!! the giggle factory- made me lol, couldn't be further from the truth could it!!