Saturday, 19 April 2014

Day 4: Journal 18/4/2014

Winge approaching.

Why is it when I say what I am planning to eat for the next 3 months, do I then get asked what do you want for lunch. Granted I don't have the best track record when it comes to keeping my side when eating well and eating clean, but still I tend to last longer than 3 days.

It's hard though when you have a partner who doesn't quite get what it is you are trying to achieve and that you have set yourself a goal and have that urge right now to get your teeth into the bit.

I have believe issues like many women. However, I also have the belief that I can do anything that I want to do, and I know that I can do anything I actually put my mind to. It's keeping the focus that I have problems with.

I'm a little scatty like that. I can be doing something, and doing it well and then suddenly it's ooh shiny thing, glitter, pigs in wellies and I lose track completely and never really get the focus back again.

I also have a habit of just giving in for a quiet life. Which is not the best thing for a person, but does normally lead to a slightly quieter life.

I've also decided that I will step away from the daily weighs so I can have that big number once weekly. Weigh in day will be a Wednesday. Equidistant distant between the weekends so I can make headway before and if it does go slightly wrong I'll also have time to undo the weekend before the next one.


  1. Good plan for the weekly weigh-in because your weight can fluctuate day to day and you don't want to get downhearted. I don't understand what you mean by someone saying about what you want for dinner? Althought the pig in wellies bit made me giggle! My husband is awful for my weight, he literally thinks food 24/7 about 70% of our conversation consists of what we will be eating today/tonight/tomorrow/this week, I get so fed up with it, I've put on 4 stone since I met him, add that to the pregnancy weight 2 and a half, urgh!

    1. My plan is practically salad for lunch, so himself was offering pasties, sandwiches, pub lunch, McDonalds and the like. By offering it makes me want it more.

      In my 1st pregnancy I gained 6 stone which I'm still trying to lose, my 2nd I gained just under 2 stone and it was gone in 2 weeks with breastfeeding.