Monday, 21 April 2014

Day 6: Journal 20/4/2014

Easter Sunday...

It's been a heavy weekend. Drinking, eating, having a geekfest on the sofa.

Today has its own complications.

For our anniversary I've book Himself and I on a spa day at a local hotel. A morning of relaxing before we pick up the kids from the inlaws. Then it's Sunday Lunch time, a huge hurdle on its own.

I'm rather nervous about the spa as I'm not sure what to expect and I don't like being touched - and I booked a massage. Things could get interesting.

6pm.  I'm back from the spa. I've been a brave little toaster today. I've been out in public wearing a swimsuit. And I've had a back massage. Just the idea made me shudder, but I sucked it up - put on my big girl pants and decided to try it out.

Do you know what, it's wasn't too bad. Although 6 hours later I'm starting to get a couple of aches and tender bits where she seems to concentrate most and I honestly think any tension that was there was pushed into my arms!

So food wise I am back on track today, keeping it low calorie at the inlaws is never easy when they put an enormous spread on with 3 different desserts. I always feel bad for skipping most of the main course and the puddings too.

If you have seen my food diary you will see how I got through lunch and tea has been tuna and some leftover stir-fried veg. One more bank holiday day to get through then it will be plain sailing again until the weekend. I'm already hoping that I will get a nice number on the scales on Wednesday. I'm probably hoping for far too much, but I'm still hoping away. If it keeps me away from the biscuit barrel and the bread bin I'll continue to do it too.

That negative nelly in my head keeps piping up too, right now saying what if you don't do it. What if you stay in the comfort zone where it's nice and warm and there's chocolate and unlimited pizza. What if you do it and you get on the ride and it still doesn't fit. What if your best is just not good enough.

I'm trying to ignore that voice and tell it to do one.

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