Monday, 28 April 2014

Day 13: Journal 27/4/2014

It has been a busy day here at BeeBee Towers.

I tackled the mountain that was my bedding and towel cupboard.

If you follow my other blog I gave myself a series of targets for April, and there were a few I hadn't managed to complete. I managed to rid my cupboard of 7 bags of unwanted sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers that had seen better days.

I paired up all the duvets with their matching pillow cases, added a co-ordinating pillowcase for the 2nd pillows on each bed, and a fitted sheet and then stored them all in side a pillowcase which keeps them all together. Just think all the wrenching around for matching sets is a thing of the past.

I stacked the towels into bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels and flannels. Then the bottom shelf is blankets and protector sheets, and a couple of spare neutral sheets and pillowcases.

I was also getting frustrated with my drawers so I went through all my underwear and binned all the pairs that has seen better days and took out all the ones that didn't fit. I even blasted through the sock and nightwear drawer too.

Then I hit the wardrobe, it now is clothes that fit me now. I've bagged up all my 18/20 and 22/24s into vacuum sealed bags to then break into later. It will be a happier time getting dressed in a morning and not having to check which bits will go on and which bits won't.

I'd like to say it kept me out of the kitchen, it didn't but I'm taking solace in that I've been stood up pretty much all day and that in itself is exercise and burning more calories.

I almost wish that I'd taken a before picture. Compared to what it was it now looks amazing.

Back to the office tomorrow and it's also Avon order day...

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