Sunday, 27 April 2014

Day 12: Journal 26/4/2014

The weekend is finally here.

I'm finally starting to see some changes in my body, my bras have gotten too big. To the point where this week I've had to wear 2 bras, one to fill out the other one.

So this week I have had a mini splurge on bras. Three from George at Asda online and 2 this morning at Tesco. The 2 I bought today I appear to have gone down 2 back sizes, so hopefully the one's I have ordered from George will be ok as I chose a 42 back rather than a 40 which is what I have gotten from Tesco.

What I think I might do is a bra haul over on my other blog, as the ones from George are just amazing! Now I just need to get some decent knickers. Still a chore at a size 26/28 when you are shrinking and don't want to spend too much on them.

This morning has been a busy one, I took my morning coffee to the shop with me as we did our weekly shop, then I got some slouchy clothes on and went to clean off some uber-muddy go karts from a couple of weeks ago. I also had the chance for a nice chat with an old friend too.

Now I just have an afternoon to fill. I'm still feeling the urge to bake for some reason. It's just a shame they don't seem to get eaten in this house. It may well have to be cookies tomorrow.

It's also my graze box free week, experimentation with snacks may have to happen too. That is before the football and Sunday Roast prep kicks in.

I have had some major munchies this afternoon, I'm wondering if it is linked to my sausage sandwich at lunch. Even though I love the scotch rolls made by Cooplands I have a feeling that there may not be too much substance or filling power to them.

It has also been a non-diet food day, which in the long run I suppose is the key to the 100 day challenge even if I'm only 12 days in finding that balance is tricky and going to be my long term challenge even after 100 days. There I go, looking ahead to the future again, urgh. It's only like setting myself up for fall.

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