Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Day 8: Journal 22/4/2014

Back tro work today, and the order and routine I crave has kicked back in, at least until Friday that is.

What is it that makes weekends just so tricky?

Foremost on my mind is tomorrow's weigh in.

How will I have done? I had such a big drop at the start of last week can I have lost any more, especially after a heavy weekend.

Good news though, I put my work trousers on this morning and they felt a little bit looser around the thighs so that must be a good thing right?

It's rather exciting if nothing else and a definite sign that something is happening. I wonder just how much longer it will take to lose a full dress size and I will have more clothes that will fit for work and play again?

At least through all the mind games I seemed to be playing with myself this weekend I kept on tracking through and managed to stay under my calories too (just about). 

Today feels like it has been a really long day in the office. Alas, it was one of my shorter shifts of the week. I have been able to up my fluids today. Lots of water with lemon juice has been drunk, I shall hopefully kick my crappy skin breakouts to the curb nice and quickly, and flush out any water weight I could be holding onto. Honestly the cup with straw is a godsend it keeps the water cold even if I don't drink it straight away, which is immensely more palatable than when it gets warmer. 


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