Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Day 14: Journal 28/4/2014

I've been doing this now for 14 days straight. 

I've not fallen off plan, I've wavered and had a couple of bad moments, but I think we're settling down. 

It's also 2 sleeps until weigh-in day. I'm dreaming about being out of the 25s already, just a shame there is 8lbs to go. Fingers crossed that it won't take too long to get there. 

I'm on early shifts this week, so I am trying to eat my breakfast that bit later while I am in the office, although I do like having my frothy coffee in my car on the way in. You know what they say, it's the little things. 

I've already made tomorrow night's tea. It was supposed to be Buff Wing Chilli, except I got to the cupboard and discovered a slight problem... No tomatoes of any description, a downside of a meal consisting greatly of tomatoes. Instead we have a variation of chicken pot pie - just without the chicken (I've used turkey breast mince) and pie! It could get interesting. Wonder what the kids will think to it? I still need to work out the calorie count though. 

My liquid intake dropped off today, so tomorrow I need to drink more water while I'm at the giggle factory, anything that will make the scales be kinder to me on Wednesday morning. 

I'll say one thing for this blogging lark, it's keeping me honest and accountable.  It's tricky to have a binge once you've uploaded all the photos to the food diary as you know you have to upload another one.  

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