Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day 15: Journal 29/4/2014

Last night I had a dream, I'm not going on a MLK type bend - I don't often remember them, but this one felt real.

I was at Alton Towers and getting ready to go on Oblivion, one of my favourite rides ever. I was cueing up to get on. I sat at the front in the middle and they began to bring down the safety harness/bar/clip thing and it just slid in. No breathing in, no panic. It just did it.

I'm not saying I was skinny as, but I was definitely smaller. I looked almost sleak at and ease in a hoody and a pair of jeans. Rather than lumpy and uncomfortable.

It has given me some hope, that what I am doing may actually be possible. That it isn't some pipe dream. I'm trying to hold on to this feeling.

For some reason since I have been eating better I've been getting some really painful and swollen lumps, mainly on my chin and jaw line.

My god they hurt so much.

Usually I try and steer away from the Daily Mail, but today this article caught my eye.

She did a really good job. Shame about the article that I saw next.

It doesn't surprise me, it just disappoints me that I can frequently be one of those people.

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