Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Day 1: Journal 15/4/2014

Today's Weight: 26st 0.5lb.
Loss so far: 16lbs.

The pain of doing this...

I know I need to, I really should want to, being bigger is easy in so many different ways - apart from when you are looking for clothes or wanting to sit down at a bbq.

Question is how do I keep this going this time and maximise the weight I lose.

I back to logging on MFP, and I will be posting pictures of everything I eat on here too in a separate daily post.

I'm getting the growls in my tummy already, I know that they will pass as it gets used to being fed less food. But until then I'll be drinking lots of coffee and squash. It's almost like when I first started fasting. The horrors.

The things I do for scouting. I can only pray that it will be quick to show results and keep me interested.

On a happier note my joggers and top have been despatched today.

Next camp out is in May I'd like to be another stone down by then. That'd be nice. There are lots of activities over 2 days with 10+ cubs to run around after. I can't be lolloping around like I am now.

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