Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Day 2: Journal 16/4/2014

Previous weight: 26st 0.5lb
Current weight: 25st 13lb -1.5lbs
Total loss:

Right then, I'll own up now. I'm a bit of a daily weigher.

Not good normally, but also it seems to keep me on the straight and narrow. Which is half of the battle.

Last night went well, tonight will be the test. I appear to be on fasting calories for the day, that is if I don't decide to add some carbs to tonight's chicken & stir-fried vegetables.

The main thing on my mind today is breathing. Why all of a sudden is it like inhaling through a towel. The air seems really thick.

Today's tool of survival, my big red cup of juice. Flavours of the day... Lime and coconut and pink grapefruit.

Now to remind myself that I can do this, and I will do this. This phase is only for 10 days. Woah, that's one heck of a rounded number isn't it. I couldn't have planned that better if I tried.

Today the sugar withdrawals have started in earnest. So where yesterday I felt hungry but generally good, today I have a chronic headache. If it comes to it I'll have to bob out and get some fruit later.
Oh the joys of being in the office until 5pm today. At least it's not 6pm like I originally thought.

Another question on my mind is by being a plus-size blogger am I being hypocritical by wanting to be smaller. It's not that I want to be tinie tiny, I'd wind up with far too much loose skin for that. Also, I'm still wondering whether or not to make this diatribe public property or not.

Just putting out there the nuances of my mind may not be the best step, however writing it even if it's only for me is a cathartic one.

2pm, headache has gone away. Probably down to the paracetamol I took. That or the ridiculous amounts I've been drinking today. I am feeling really tired today though... that could just be the 10 hour shifts I've been doing this week though.

6pm. The headache is back, I'm fairly sure this time it is stress related due to a screaming child. So after making my ham salad for tomorrow lunch I'm now taking solace on the sofa watching Elementary.

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  1. Yehy for your new blog! Best of luck with your 100 day journey! X