Thursday, 17 April 2014

Day 3: Journal 17/4/2014

Previous weight: 25st 13lb

Current weight:  25st 10lb -3

Total loss: 

Oh boy, that loss was a boost, I may even not weigh for a couple of days to see if i can get a bigger one. 

I know a lot of that will be water weight from what I expelled yesterday, I was barely out of the bathroom at work.  Today's big decision... do I go and get another bag of stir-fry from the veg shop or do I have a stream fresh baggie from the freezer? Oh the quandary. 

In other news, I decided to take this blog live yesterday. I apologise as many parts will not be coherant, but it's what is going on in my head at the time and this is what being here is all about to me. 

So yes, wow, a 3lb drop in a day. Hope this means that the 25s will pass nice and quickly. 

Today my stomach has been on the talkative side of loud. 

I'm not hungry, so it must be digesting my breakfast exceedingly loudly! 

This is my secret weapon for upping my water/liquid consumption. There is something about drinking through a straw that makes it that much easier and tempting. 

A blog post on the Huffington Post site about Freelee the Banana Girl. Recently she has been cropping up on my recommended feed on YouTube. 

Essentially it's about fad diets and how they don't do anything except mess with your mind and your bank balance. 

Looking at what I'm doing, yes it is low calorie. But I'm not cutting out food groups. I'm just cutting down size. 

I have been to slimming groups in the past. All they did for me was get me hooked up on how many points/syns were in certain items. And meals/dishes wound up being made from random ingredients because it meant I could eat a full cake for example. Didn't matter that it didn't taste nice. 

It's easy to see how disordered eating begins. 

Back to Freelee, she's a funny onion. She  typically eats over 4 dozen bananas a day. That sort of habit has got to be expensive, not to mention the sheer amount of other fruit based items she can sit and munch her way through. And I don't fancy eating and drinking my way through a full fruit shop full of fruit in a morning.

And I thought Deej's 3 a day banana habit was a bit excessive. 

This weekend has a 4 day weekend and my wedding anniversary. I don't have choose the weeks to start well!

Fridays will always be a cheat day, and Sundays a minefield of unknowingness - dependant wholly on where I am for lunch. This weekend could be fun!

Which you will no doubt read about on the night.

3.30pm Yey! I remembered to get some stir-fry veg mix from the fruit shop for tea. I swear there is something about someone else putting together a random mix of veggies that makes it so much better. And there is also usually some fennel hiding in there somewhere too. 

6.45pm So evenings are the trickiest time. Kitchen is calling me, I'm ignoring it successfully so far. Instead I am tapping on my keyboard and watching Bones. My evening is just so rock'n'roll. 

My delivery from Yours Clothing arrived today, a big pair of jogging bottoms for slouching around in and a stripy top for work. 

Let's start looking forward to some new clothes shopping in the future. 

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