Thursday, 8 May 2014

Day 24: Journal 8/5/2014

 I'm still reeling from yesterday's result.

I've had some binge issues to say the least. Lots of sugar.

And I mean lots of sugar. I'm going to have to rein it in tomorrow. I can't undo everything I have achieved so far. Right now though I am fighting the urge to eat my way to the bottom of a biscuit barrel or chocolate box.

Being at work today didn't keep my from my worst self today. It had been doing so well at distracting myself during office hours for it to crash now is disappointing.

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  1. Hello mrs! Just been catching up with your diary, sorry I haven't popped by for a while to offer my support, been to wrapped up in myself to be honest, oops.
    Sorry to hear no loss this week & that you are struggling with the sugar, if it makes you feel better today I had Pizza Hut for tea (half a large pizza) and mds chips, I've had 3 bars of Choc & a Choc muffin lol! Plus other stuff!
    Sorry as well to hear you didn't enjoy doing the garden! I like gardening, I wish I could have done it for you, I'd like to do someone's garden for them to enjoy a glass of wine in!
    Finally I'm sad to hear someone made you feel like hiding in the house, urgh idiots! You are doing great don't give up!!! I look forward to continuing to read this roller coaster journey and I hope when u go to Drayton manor we get some pics maybe of u on a roller coaster hehe, take care x