Thursday, 8 May 2014

Day 23: Journal WEIGH-IN DAY 7/5/2014

Previous weight: 25st 5lb
Current weight:  25st 5lb 
Total loss: 25lbs

I really wanted to be putting up the 28lb picture today. Alas, instead I have to repeat last week's ident. 

I suppose the good news is I didn't gain anything. Bad news is that it would appear a change in routine doesn't work for me. I know I was under on calories for the week, the only thing it can be is water retention from the extra salt I've been eating and the fewer drinks I have had too. 

So plan for next week. More liquids, especially water. More vegetables/salady bits. More exercise. Less or at least smaller portions over all. Less sitting on my bum too, I think I've got a bit too comfortable. Less takeaway food. Pizza 3 days out of 4 is not a good thing. 

But I can't say that I'm not disappointed. I had really hoped that this week I would get to the 2 stone loss mark. I have a day at work ahead of me and I can tell my mood is not going to be great even now. 

I don't have time for any more sts weigh ins, there are only 77 days left. I know that is still 2 and a bit months but still not that long to make the big difference that I am aiming to. 

So I had best get my head down. 

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